Singing Songs of Desperation

by Fatum Aeternum



released May 3, 2020

All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at AG Studio (Tel Aviv, Israel) by Alex Zvulun.

Steve Gershin - Bass/Percussion/Vocals
Evelyn Shor - Violin/Vocals
Alex Zvulun - Guitar
Dror Goldstein - Drums

Max Datskovsky - additional vocals on track 1

Gang vocals on tracks 2,3,6 by
Alex Zvulun, Vitaly Zvulun, Oleg Fiafari, Julia Fiafari Kaplan

All songs by Steve Gershin

Evelyn Shor/Steve Gershin (Tracks 2,3,4,6)
Steve Gershin (Tracks 1,5)

Artwork by Steve Gershin


all rights reserved



Fatum Aeternum Haifa, Israel

Fatum Aeternum is a rock/metal band from Israel. Their music combines elements from various genres while preserving a dark romantic vibe. The themes are mostly philosophical and social, the vocals are theatrical and contrasting between male and female. The experience is completed with heartfelt violin solos. ... more

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Track Name: Depression
My own desperation
Counting flies on the wall
My own desperation
I want to fuck it all
My own desperation
I sing the songs of praise to thee
My own desperation
Is killing me,
Is killing me...
Track Name: Prepare for War
Sorry, I don't believe it
Don't have a clue how to receive it
But I do envy if you do
God, how I wish some of that was true

Sweet talks on television, social rights fighters
And "life matters" vision
Fixing the world by bringing chaos?
I don't buy it! (Oops! King left the house)

If everyone's so special and pure
Where's the disease to which you're the cure?

Don't believe what you see
Where's the better day for you and me?
Seeking peace? Prepare for war!
Good intentions, blood and gore
Don't believe what you see
Trick or treat for destiny
Still one thing we know for sure
Seeking peace? Prepare for war!
Oh o o! Prepare for war…

Pitying the weak and the oppressed?
Believe me, your master is the best.
Loudest cry is always silent
Can't get true fame without violence.

The story is old as the world itself
The endless quest for power and wealth
Best fairy tales told before elections
Step up, the country needs your action

And If the changes are all for the best
Why are we sitting on hornets’ nest?
Track Name: N.I.F.
Young boy came to the other kids
And asked: “Will you play with me?”
They said: “You don’t have any tricks, motherfucker
And we don’t play for free”.

The same young boy came to a girl
And asked: “Will you go out with me?”
“You didn’t give me a pearl (such as loser)
And I don’t go out for free”.

Nothing is free and don’t you tell me
There things you got, or things you lost
Without any cost.

Prodigal son came to his mother
And asked: “Can I ever be me?”
“My boy, there are rules to honor
Identity is not for free”.

Young man came to the nearest college
LAnd asked: “Will you mind to teach me?”
“Your mummy ain’t got any money,
Education is not for free”.

Young secretary came to a new president
And asked: “do we need another war?”
“My dear, I need to golden up my sink.”
And oil is not for free. So sure!”

“Open your minds, your hearts, and wallets,
The TV-preacher says.
“I’ll give a little piece of Heaven,
You’ll have to pay for the rest”.
Track Name: Chemicals of Loneliness
They crawl in the darkest of nights
Whispering lies to your ears
Lawyers of the dark sides
Constant reminders of fears

Worst company when no one is around
Tearing apart, make you lose your ground

Chemicals Chemicals, let me in
We all possess that ancient sin
Let me in, let me out
We will swallow you, no doubt!

They come in moments of collapse
Sweetly promising peace
Poisoning the mind and the heart
Saying solitude is a release.

They crawl into your darkest zone
Screaming loud "you're better off alone"

Chemicals Chemicals, let me in
We all possess that ancient sin
Let me in, let me out
We will swallow you, no doubt!

Let me in, let me out
We will swallow you, no doubt!

Let me in, let me out
We will swallow you, no doubt!
Track Name: Would
Have some bourbon, have some beer, some tequila, and some coke.
Wrap yourself around newspaper, morning coffee, and your work.
Cheesy speeches, conversations. Empty matchbox full of beams.
Don't you know that our wheelchairs are powered by the steam of our dreams?

What would you say if death will come to take us away today?
What would you say if death will come to take us away today?

Kill your neighbor, cause he's weird. He is wearing a Lumberjack beard.
Another neighbor tries to be a star. By selling her flash in a nasty Bar.
Singing songs of desperation, creating stupid dumb sensations.
Wrap yourself around your work. Some bourbon and some cigarettes that you do smoke.

What would you say if death will come to take us away today?
What would you say if death will come to take us away today?
Track Name: Toy
Destroy your toy
Destroy, destroy.
Revive your joy,
No joy, no joy.

You can't go back
It sucks, it sucks.
Go off the track,
This track is junk.

Waking in the morning,
Scrolling through the feed
While you are drifting
Everybody looks so hip

No way in, no way out
Everyone is in their place
Come to think about it
It all makes despicable sense

Strived for useless perfection
Took in pride' lethal injection
Struggled with you ego-maniac sense
All you do is keeping face while sitting on the fence

Can't get desired protection
Tones of useless information
Doubting own reality
Can modern life get some quality?

Loud steps behind the door, someone came for more...

Boredom in freedom
Coffee with milk and jokes
Creating new existence
Some unfriendly folks

Everyone is dreaming
Dreams must be fulfilled
Second hand emotions
Are your emotions winged?

What is your life's obligation?
Where is your final destination?
Consume or create, Black and White
Lead or stay. There's no wrong or right

Sometimes there's no other way
Sometimes you’ve got nothing to say
You're either alive or either dead
You can't be happy while you’re sad

All the useless information, misleading path to degradation.