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Apocalypse Now

from This Dream is Dead by Fatum Aeternum



Tell me, what do you feel when you’re reading newspaper,
When you're turning on your TV?
When you hear the news on the local radio station
While eating your doughnut and drinking cup of tea?

Sometimes I want to close my eyes
Pretend there’s no bad news, no war outside.
Sometimes I want to pretend there’s no black and white,
No good, no bad people. No wrong and no right.

World is going down, there’s no escape
World is going down, let's have a stand and pray!
You can grow your flowers, drink your Champaign
But supernatural power destroy your world anyway.
Let's have a stand and pray!

Music, fashion, sex, drugs, corruption and violence,
Dirty politicians, and once again sex.
She was raped at sixteen, he was murdered at nineteen
Who knows, maybe we will be next?!

You say you need a perfect drug?
The perfect drug is already in you!
Beware of those, whom you trust
And of those who trust in you.

World is going down, there is no escape.
World is going down, let's have a stand and pray!
You can smoke your marihuana, sniff your cocaine
But supernatural power destroy your world anyway.


from This Dream is Dead, released February 11, 2011




Fatum Aeternum Haifa, Israel

Fatum Aeternum is a rock/metal band from Israel. Their music combines elements from various genres while preserving a dark romantic vibe. The themes are mostly philosophical and social, the vocals are theatrical and contrasting between male and female. The experience is completed with heartfelt violin solos. ... more

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